Shipping Policy

We provide handling, packing and shipping services solely as a convenience for our Bidders. Because Bidders most often opt for these services, we include an ESTIMATED AMOUNT in the auction invoice.

We ship primarily by USPS priority mail within a commercially reasonable time following credit of the Bidders payment to our account. On average, a Bidder may expect to receive their items within 4 weeks following their payment. The actual cost of shipping, insurance, registry and confirmation services is charged to the Bidder, as well as a packing/handling fee not to exceed $3 per item, to defray the cost of labor involved. Large, heavy, fragile or otherwise unusual items will incur additional charges. Under special circumstances, USJL may ship items using USPS Express Mail, private carriers or pack and ship enterprises, the cost of which shall be charged to the Bidder. USJL will not entertain shipment using lower classes of mail due to the increased risk of loss. Requests earlier shipment or special handling may be accommodated on a limited basis at USJL’s sole discretion and may incur additional handling charges. All costs charged to a Bidder’s original invoice are estimates and USJL reserves the right to charge additional amounts if such estimates are exceeded and Bidder hereby agrees to such additional amounts. USJL may, at its sole discretion, combine the shipment of items from multiple auctions over a 7-day period to reduce shipping costs.

All US domestic shipments are insured at the total bid amount contained in the shipment (other add-on charges are not covered by insurance). The estimated cost of insurance is included in the Bidder’s invoice.

Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and Foreign Countries – Shipping and handling charges to these locations are higher and often require registry or express mail. Insurance coverage to foreign locations may also be limited by the shipping carriers. USJL will ship items to foreign locations using the same classes of mail and additional postal services that it uses to ship to US locations, to the extent that such services are available, and, insurance coverage may be limited or unavailable. IT IS THE FOREIGN BIDDER’S OBLIGATION TO BE AWARE OF AND INSTRUCT USJL REGARDING ANY ALTERNATIVE SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS WHICH MAY BE DESIRED TO INCREASE INSURANCE COVERAGE. USJL will not be liable for any shortfall of insurance either on foreign shipments or on the non-coverage of additional invoice charges exceeding bid amounts.

Foreign Bidders are solely responsible for the compliance with all export and import requirements of the items they purchase, both out of the US and into their country of delivery. To the extent that USJL is required to assist foreign Bidders in these matters, the labor cost incurred in by USJL will be billed at $30 per hour.

Storage fees of $5 per day per item will apply to all items held for any Bidder after the normal shipment date due to circumstances existing at the Bidder’s delivery location.

Our responsibility for damage to or loss of any lot ends once it has been turned over to the USPS, or other shipping enterprise for delivery and/or packing. By bidding, the winning Bidder agrees that any and all claims for loss or damage to the lot will be handled solely through the insurance claims process or the carrier and acknowledges that insurance may be subject to deductibles or other limitations which are not the responsibility of USJL.

No items will be shipped to any Bidder for any particular auction until all charges for the auction have been paid in full and all funds have cleared. Even if paid in full, no items will be shipped to any Bidder for any particular auction if the Bidder has any balances with USJL from other auctions which are not in compliance with the provisions of PAYMENT above, until such balances are paid in full and all funds have cleared. USJL may, at it’s sole discretion, require any Bidder to return a signed sales receipt prior to shipping.