Buying Jewelry With US Jewelry Liquidation

Who we are?

US Jewelry Liquidation has been connecting buyers and sellers of the finest jewelry for 31 years, since 1983. All jewelry that goes through our hands is inspected, tested for authenticity and accuracy of all information that is provided to you, so there will be no surprises. We’re a major liquidator of fine jewelry from factory and premium stores in US and now expanding in to high quality jewelry from Chinese factories. This opens a wealth of exciting new opportunities for everyone to profit.

What we do?

Have you ever been to an auction? Because the sale happens so fast, you need to make split second correct decisions on whether to buy and at what price. This is how fortunes are made, by seizing the chance. Unfortunately, sometimes the decision turns out be too hasty, due to heightened emotions that cloud the buyer’s judgment. That’s where we come in. We’re an unbiased observer and will always provide you with properly filtered information so you can skip the research and think about the best possible purchase. Once you experience the euphoria of a purchase that just netted you a fortune, you will realize why we do this job and why we love it.

What you need to do?

Our in-house experts will analyze the jewelry, crunch all the boring technical data and present you with a neat summary in which you can clearly see the minimum and maximum prices, estimates, measurements and so on.This will make your decision as easy as possible. We promise you will never have to memorize how many grams there are in a diamond carat. Since we’re in a digital age, you’ll have all the latest numbers and other information available to you instantly, no matter where you live. Come join us and experience the thrill of chasing a fortune from the comfort of your own room.

What factories do and why?

Jewelry producers have massive operating costs on a daily basis. They need to keep the jewelry flowing out into the hands of eager buyers while having a constant influx of cash. That’s why they’re interested in selling their lots at a significantly lower price, if it means selling them right away. In this way, factories both clear their warehouses and sell their lots for a quick infusion of cash. On the other hand, you benefit from having a large volume of jewelry at a discount.

However, factories are suspicious of individuals who contact them directly and will reluctantly do business under such circumstances. By joining us, you get the benefit of having our impeccable reputation at your side. Because we’re an established jewelry liquidation company, sellers trust us and know that our word is as good as gold. That’s why they are willing to accommodate our customers with various benefits. In our business, mountains are moved based on one handshake and honesty is everything. If you become our client, we promise to move mountains of jewels for you and always be honest about each and every one of them.

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